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  1. What are the seasons for Poway Youth Lacrosse 5th-8th grade program?
  • Poway Youth Lacrosse runs a spring season and may run clinics during summer and fall.
    • The main season is the spring season which runs from February through May.
    • Registration for the spring season opens on November 1st. 
  1. What equipment will my player need and what will it cost?
  • All boys are required to wear a lacrosse helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, cleats, and a mouthpiece.   Starter kits are available for $200 - $300 at Lacrosse Unlimited (in Solana Beach), Dicks Sporting Goods or online (lax.com, sportstop.com. lacrosse.com, lacrossemonkey.com and etc.).   Players will need to have their own lacrosse stick.  Lacrosse sticks can range for $30 to $200.   Beginner players do not need spend more than $100 for a lacrosse stick.  Poway Youth Lacrosse has a limited amount of loaner equipment available.
  1. What is the commitment during the spring season?
  • 7th and 8th grade boys will be divided into an "A" team and "B" team.   The commitment is 3 days per week with a combination of games and practice.   
  • 5th and 6th grade boys will have a commitment of 3 days per week with games and practice.
  1. What league do the teams play in?
  • The teams will play in the San Diego Youth Lacrosse Association.    The 7th and 8th grade teams will play in a competitive league with the top 16 teams in a 35 team league making the playoffs.   The teams are seeded preseason based on team strength and play a schedule against similarly skilled teams.  The teams will play a 8-10 game schedule.
  • The 5th and 6th grade teams play in a developmental league with a focus on improving the team and players skills.   The teams will play a 8-10 game schedule.
  1. What is provided with registration?
  • All players will receive a shooter shirt and game shorts.   The players will also receive a game jersey which is returned at the end of the season.  The registration fees cover the coaching salaries, league fees, field equipment, and operating expenses.
6.     Is lacrosse a dangerous sport?
  • As a sport lacrosse is often perceived as a dangerous sport.   Injury statistics would prove otherwise however as with all sports serious injuries can occur.   The game has evolved with an emphasis on player safety.   At the elementary level physical contact is limited and full body contact is not allowed.  The equipment manufacturers have worked to develop excellent equipment that protects the players. 
7.     What is lacrosse and how is it played?
  • Lacrosse is a combination of hockey, basketball and soccer.  Lacrosse offers the speed and power of football and hockey and the endurance, agility and strategy of soccer and basketball. Lacrosse is both exciting to play and thrilling to watch.  Anyone can play lacrosse big or small.  For an informational video on lacrosse please follow this link.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXO1lPc3p38  
  1. What is the cost of the program?
  • The cost for the Spring Season is $400 plus a membership to US Lacrosse.   This includes shorts and shooter shirt.    All players are required to have a membership to US Lacrosse.   The US Lacrosse membership is handled during the online registration process. 
  1. What kind of cleats do I buy for my player?
  • You can purchase lacrosse cleats.
  • Many players wear football cleats although soccer cleats are acceptable as well.
  1. What kind of lacrosse stick should I buy?
  • Lacrosse sticks can range from $30 to $200. Most beginning players can utilize an entry level stick. We recommend the lacrosse stick be strung with hard mesh and not soft mesh. When you go to the retail store get a stick you can ask them for a stick with hard mesh. As players improve they can move to more advanced and expensive sticks. The real key to having a great stick is how much time you spend using it. If you do not practice on the wall it will not matter what kind of stick you have. Offensive players utilize short sticks and the defense players utilize long poles. If you go to a retail lacrosse store they can help you with your stick.
  1. My son is new to the game of lacrosse.  Do you recommend any clinics or camps?
  • The best low cost clinic are run by Dennis Yeatman and are held at Bernardo Heights Middle School.   More information on the clinics in winter, summer, and fall can be found at www.paclax.org.   Check the links page for more information on lacrosse camps

   12. Are all players guaranteed equal play time?

  • The 5th - 8th grade program is a competitive league.  Our goal is to develop all players, but we cannot guarantee that all players will get equal playing time every game.  Our coaches are instructed to provide equal opportunities to all team members to succeed. Opportunities can come in practice or in games but all players are given the chance to compete in games.

    13. When do the teams practice?

  • The practice schedule will be established once the players are placed on a team.   The practice schedule is based on field availability and coaches schedule.   Practice will be held during the 5-8pm time slot.   Practice is typically 2 hours in length and held at Twin Peaks Middle School, Meadowbrook Middle School, or Valley Elementary School.